Outer Brightness: From Mormon to Jesus

Is Compatibilism Compatible with Mormonism? Pt. 2 (w/ Tarik D. LaCour)

August 30, 2021

In this episode, we welcome a Latter-day Saint guest to Outer Brightness. Tarik D. LaCour is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Texas A&M University. In this second installment of our conversation with Tarik, we discuss the LDS view of eternal laws that are external to God, and ask Tarik what he thinks about the Christian view that morality is rooted in God’s perfect nature. We also discuss the Trinity and ask Tarik what other moral or philosophical questions about non-LDS Christian beliefs he thinks are the most difficult for LDS to understand or make it difficult for them to embrace. Thank you for joining us.

You can connect with Tarik on Facebook and request access to his blog:


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